Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Can I get that toddler to go, please?"

After rolling dice and role playing for eight hours straight, my friends and I took a break to get dinner at a nearby Wendy's. The place was pretty busy and there was only one guy working the register. I didn't mind waiting because I know what it's like to try your hardest to serve all the customers at once when your coworkers are nowhere to be found.

What bothered me, though, was what one of the customers did.

Standing ahead of me was a family of three: a mother, a father, and a girl who was probably four or five years old and wearing pajamas. The mother, who was carrying the toddler, sat her daughter on the counter next to the register.

I couldn't stop staring. Was this even sanitary? The girl was practically in her underwear and her mother just plopped her down as if they were lounging about at home! But that wasn't all. After placing their order, the mother picked up her daughter and moved aside. After placing my order, I looked to my left and saw the little girl sitting on the condiments table. While the mother was engaged in conversation with the father, the little girl was pulling out handful after handful of napkins from the dispenser with one hand and handling the paper ketchup cups with the other. At one point the girl put her mouth on one of the cups then put it back.

Now, I am in no way condemning the child's actions. She was a toddler and toddlers do stuff like that. What bothered me was the mother who allowed this to happen. A restaurant is not a day care center. If the child is acting like that, then go through the drive-through or eat at home rather than risk getting other people sick.

Am I overreacting or is it perfectly fine to let a small child put their saliva in the same cup as my ketchup?

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  1. I'm right there with you. I live in a country (UAE) where the nationals have essentially handed off all responsibility of their children to their nannies. Their children here run wild. They're spoiled because the parents don't know how to parent. So the children, by no fault of their own, do whatever they want. Sometimes it is quite annoying having to share the same culture (though to be fair, I live in their country).