Monday, August 10, 2009

Disappointment in the Lopez

The other night I watched George Lopez's Tall, Dark, and Chicano on HBO. I was greatly disappointed. For one thing, most of his jokes were just his old ones told in a different way, about how tough Chicanos are and how silly white folk are. The jokes were amusing, but they were nothing new. I heard them all before from his other shows and from other comedians who like to play the race card in their shows. All in all, the man was preaching to the choir because the audience howled and cheered with approval at every Latino Pride statement he had said, which he did more than actually telling jokes. The show felt more like a political rally than an actual comedy show.

I'm sure there are people out there who would say, "he's just a comedian telling jokes! If you don't like him then don't watch him!" There were some jokes that were good and made me laugh, but for the rest of the hour and a half I found myself smiling but thinking, "okay, when is he going to knock off the racial and political humor? This isn't all that funny." It's good that the man is proud of his people, but I think a good comedian should add more variety in his show than what Mr. Lopez had in his. If other people had a good time, then I'm glad they did. But as for myself, his latest show didn't strike my funny bone the way I had expected it to.

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  1. We've seen that show a few times, and I've struggled to connect with it.