Friday, September 4, 2009

Hey, Kids! Comics!

Every month my older brother and I get in the car and take a fifteen minute drive to this great comic book haven known as Flying Colors in Concord, CA. The other day I stopped by after classes and stocked up on more comics, mainly from my favorite publisher, Dark Horse. I got me the latest issues of Conan the Cimmerian, Usagi Yojimbo, B.P.R.D, and Werewolves on the Moon versus Vampires (Mayan Moon Mummies!!). I even bought a couple of issues from the Captain America: Reborn series. It made me chuckle. In case you don't know, Captain America didn't really die, but was displaced in space and time from a super bullet made by the Red Skull. It's all pretty complicated, so you'll have to read the comics to understand the latest shenanigans from Marvel, which had recently been bought up by Disney. Nutty ol' world we live in, ain't it?

I also bought three Deadpool comics. I had never heard of the Merc with a mouth before the Wolverine: Origins movie, but now I absolotuely love him. He's a hundred times funnier and cooler than whatshisname that played him in the movie, but at least he kept the swords. Another reason why I love Flying Colors is that if you buy at least twenty dollars worth of comics, you can get afreebie pack of comics. It's a random assortment of comics, but it's still great because I can read some great comics that I've never even heard of before, such as Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil. Watching Dr. Doom beat the living crap out of Doc Oc, Sandman, Chameleon, and Kraven made me go into a nerdgasm.

So that's all from me for now. I'll try to post stuff more frequently, but it's kinda hard when you're easily distracted by the internet, World of Warcraft, and Left 4 Dead. Now, if you'll excuse me, gots zombies to shoot...

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