Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in San Francisco

My family and I attended Easter service at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco today. Alan, my younger brother, was hired to play his trumpet for them and got a nice $430 check out of it (woo hoo!).

I didn't drive to San Francisco, oh no. I have sworn to never ever drive anywhere in that town. The streets are suicidally steep and the locals are just plain nutty. Fortunately, my mother lived in this city before and got us to the cathedral in one piece.

The cathedral was impressive. I kept looking around at the architecture throughout the ceremony like a gawky tourist, but this Missouri boy couldn't help himself. It was that impressive.

The ceremony itself was fine, but what I enjoyed the most was watching my brother playing with the small brass concert. He was the youngest out of the group of six musicians, which says a lot about his skills.

It's good to see Alan doing well with his music. He's still going to school and pursuing a music major. He hopes to one day play his music for movie soundtracks, particularly movies done by Pixar. I wish him the best of luck with his musical career.

Oh, and here's some pictures I took:

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