Monday, April 18, 2011

Is TV really to blame?

A gentleman from Berkeley said to me that I "would be a better human being if I threw out my TV."

Sounds like a good idea, but I'm not totally convinced yet.

I agree that most TV shows nowadays lack creative substance and are designed to sell products rather than to entertain or enlighten, but that doesn't mean quality television doesn't exist. Shows like Dr. Who, House, and Community are a few examples of shows that are superbly written and poignant. And who can forget Star Trek: TNG and Tales from the Crypt from decades past?

And then there's the news. There are just too many so-called news programs out there that are more concerned with sensationalist drivel rather than reporting facts. It could be worse, I suppose. At least we still have newspapers (you remember those, right?).

So what do you all think?
Do you think that you would lead a happier life if you threw out your TV?


  1. I hardly watch Tv, except when I'm exercising. It's still good to have. Truth is, I've replaced my TV with my laptop. Equally as evil, sometimes.

  2. I agree. Computers are probably more devious than television now because of websites like Netflix and Hulu.

  3. Ho

    Interesting post. The only way to really tell if it would make a difference is to try it, say a month without turning on the tube. Never mond if it's good or bad, could you do it?

    Moody Writing

  4. Oh man, it's going to be hard to resist the TV now that Game of Thrones is playing...