Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Protest and Survive(?)

Because governor Jerry Brown couldn't get his special election, the universities of the golden state face massive cuts to, well, everything. As a result, students and faculty have called for a state-wide walk out to protest the possible evisceration of higher education.

I didn't join my fellow students-in-arms to fight the man because I was at home, reading The Blithedale Romance and Howards End for my English classes.
You know, something called homework.

Did I want to spend my day waving signs and shouting?

No. I didn't believe it would have been a good use of my time.

I was turned off by the heavy atmosphere of fear and anger over the potential budget cuts. The battle cry for these protests was "get angry," but I didn't agree with this approach. People should get passionate about the things they care about, but getting angry doesn't help anyone.

A great Jedi master had something to say about fear and anger:

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